Spring is in the air, tempting deals are on Craigslist

With the spring thaw, more than blossoms emerge.  Interesting cars and motorcycles are appearing all over metro Detroit.  They can be seen cruising Woodward, parked in front of the popular pubs, and even on Craigslist.  There are currently three vehicles on Craigslist that I find quite tempting.  Two are Alfa Romeo cars built in the 1980s.  The odds of two Alfas becoming available locally are pretty low, but two that look quite nice and are cheap enough to actually be considered by me is almost inconceivable.  There is also a surprisingly clean and original looking BSA motorcycle that is priced in line with the usual neglected choppers and basket cases.  I’m hoping all these sweet rides sell quickly to remove the temptation.  I probably have better uses for my money and I certainly don’t have the space for more stuff.

Winter Doldrums

It is cold and icy outside, leaving me more than ample time to daydream inside.  I have been pondering many things.  Perhaps I should get myself a new toy, either two wheels or four.  There is a semi-local Porsche 944S that has been on craigslist for a while.  I have resisted the temptation to call thus far, but it’s exactly the kind of car I might buy on impulse.  Interesting and relatively cheap.  I’ve always liked the 944.  I think it is a nice looking car and they are certainly fun to drive.  If I only had more garage space…

I am thinking a café racer build could be a fun diversion as well.  I think I’d go for either an old British single, like a BSA 441, or maybe a Harley Davidson Sportster.  The Sportster idea seemed somewhat unique when I started toying with the idea a while back, but it seems like everyone has had the same idea and I’ve seen a café Sportster in just about every magazine I’ve picked up lately, and even a couple for sale on eBay.

Of course, I already have a nice Camaro I could do something with.  The 305 it came with is not exactly a tire burner, but perhaps a mean crate engine could wake the car up.  This seems a somewhat more ambitious project for someone of my limited skills.  It may scratch the itch I have for “more car”, while leveraging what I already have.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind something vintage to take on leisurely drives through the country and to car shows.  I recently learned of a car that greatly interests me, the Healey Elliott.  Unfortunately, it seems that not many were built and fewer survive today.  I will keep my eyes open nonetheless, but I doubt my casual search will turn up much.  I might settle for an old Jaguar Sedan or Ferrari 308.  I can’t seem to focus on any one type of car.

The hard truth is that I probably enjoy dreaming about cars more than actually owning them.  The reality is often far different than the dream.  Real cars take up space in your garage, occasionally leak toxic waste, and need constant attention or they become a headache of the highest magnitude.  I may continue to dream for now.

Triumph Bonneville – A Popular Bike in Literature

I recently discovered the fun to be had with Google’s Ngram Viewer.  In simple terms, it allows anyone to graph the relative frequency of words or phrases in all of the millions of books that Google has digitized.  The real fun comes in when we search multiple phrases to get a feel for things like the relative popularity of specific motorcycle makes and models over time.  It looks like the Triumph Bonneville wins again (excepting for a notable spike in Norton Commando popularity from 1970-77).

Why did I wait so long?

Having a motorcycle has been a very positive experience so far.  My weekend excursions to brunch have been enhanced by the use of the bike and I have found that  a leisurely ride through the suburbs on a Sunday morning is quite pleasant.  You can literally smell the flowers along the way, without slowing down.

The below picture was taken in Ferndale after eating at the Flytrap.  Bonneville fans may note that the stock silencers are gone, having been replaced by British Customs Sleepers.

Parallel parking is easy.

Parallel parking is easy.