Cars N Food

This blog is rather quickly turning into my own rather aimless ramble about cars and food.  I’m fine with that.  I have other interests, but these are the things I choose to write about on the Internet.

I think my earlier exuberance over a fortune cookie was a bit misguided.  I was reading a lot about Ferrari cars at the time and I still think it could be an interesting experience to own one.  However, I’m a bit discouraged by the level of care required to keep one on the road.  The models I might actually be able to afford from the 70’s and 80’s are not particularly durable nor are they “gas it and go” appliances.  I need to face the fact that I’m not a particularly motivated to spend a lot of time turning wrenches.  So, Ferrari might not be the best fit and I should probably dip my toe into the car hobby rather than jump into the deep end.  For the time being, Porsche and Alfa Romeo are looking a bit better to me again.  Granted, some of these models require some real upkeep, but the costs are lower.  A major screw up on my part would also be easier to recover from with a generally cheaper car.  A Porsche 944 could serve as a new set of car enthusiast training wheels.

I’m always keeping my eye out for a car that speaks to me.  I need a new way to get to all these restaurants.

Good Fortune

I had some Chinese carry out earlier this week from Lim’s Palace in Clawson.  The food was pretty bland and unsatisfying (dumplings were ok), but I received a great fortune in my cookie.  It reads “Something on 4 wheels will soon be a fun investment for you!”. Well, that seems strangely specific and relevant to my interests.  I guess the universe is telling me to abandon the motorcycle shopping.  A four wheeled “investment” has to be a car, and not just any car.  A car is typically a liability that depreciates over time, not an investment.  Is some cosmic power really telling me to buy the Ferrari I’ve been fantasizing about? Appears so, does it not?

I’m not one to fight the universe, so I’m now officially going to embrace the search for something special.  I’m in no rush to buy, but if a reasonable Ferrari 308 comes up for sale, maybe it is time to take the plunge.  Of course, a vintage Alfa Romeo or late model Maserati Coupe could fit the bill as well.  I’m not even sure I will fit in a Ferrari.  I sat in a 308 GTS at the Auburn auction over a decade ago and recall it feeling very snug.  It’s time to give it another try.