The Basic Concept
This is the personal website/blog for Matt Elliott.  I am a software engineer living in Michigan and wanted a place on the web that is mine for sharing information, pictures, opinions, etc.  This space can be anything I want it to be.

Why wildnotmild?
When I was in middle school, I would occasionally wear an old t-shirt emblazoned with a pair of muscle cars and the text “WILD NOT MILD” to gym class.  While picking teams for flag football an older boy had momentarily forgotten my name and pointed to me and called “wildnotmild”.  A couple of my friends in the class thought this was pretty funny and started calling me “wildnotmild” for a laugh.  This was a particularly funny and obnoxious nickname since I was (and I believe I remain) relatively quiet and reserved.  Well, this nickname stuck and I embraced it.  It was kind of fun and I liked having a nickname.  It eventually evolved into a shortened form of “wild”.  During high school, some of my friends would sometimes yell “WILD!” when I walked by in the halls.  It became my usual handle on sports teams, etc.  When I ventured onto the internet in the mid 90s it was an obvious choice for a user name since wild or wildnotmild were usually available.  

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