Rakish Driver: 1955 MG TF

Editor’s Note:  this entry was written as a sort of audition for BAT.  I never heard back from them, so it may be crap, or just not what they were looking for.

This 1955 MG TF is said to be an aging amateur restoration that could use some refreshing or serve as a nicely patina-ed driver.  The current seller has only owned the car for four years and did not do the restoration, though he does indicate that it runs well and most of the gauges and switches work.  It photographs well and seems like a very classy car for the money.  Find it here on Craigslist in Ann Arbor, MI for $20,000.

mgtf1The white over green color scheme looks great and really suites the character of the TF.  Though the paint appears to be a bit dull, and some chips are visible, it looks like it presents well and might be suitable for a car that gets driven.  All badges and trim appear to be present.  The chrome bits are said to show some pitting, but at least everything looks to be reasonably straight.

mgtf3The seats are a lovely shade of green and look quite inviting.  The seller indicates that there is some fading and wear to the interior, but there are no tears in the seats.  The steering wheel appears to be an aftermarket replacement and should be replaced with a correct one to improve the cockpit aesthetic.  Not many details are included as to precisely which components are inoperable, but it is stated that the odometer does not work.  A top and side curtains are included but are rodent damaged.

mgtf2The engine is the base 1250cc and appears to be the correct unit for this model.  The engine bay is far from concourse condition, but we have seen far worse.  These cars are said to expect regular maintenance but are relatively simple machines.  An occasional Saturday spent making sure an old MG is in fine fettle does not seem like an unpleasant proposition to us.

mgtf5This car is priced in the middle of the range between basket cases and perfect examples, so it may be priced just right.  As with any older restoration, a careful buyer will need to look for hidden problems like excessive filler and structural rust.  This seems like a great opportunity for someone seeking a driver or rolling restoration project if it really is as good as it looks.

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