Precruise Party 2013

Anyone who knows the Woodward Dream Cruise, knows it is not really a one day event.  The cruisers start early in the week before the official date and the crowds become progressively thicker each day during the run-up to Saturday.  The party starts in earnest on Friday, with many businesses closing early and the parties starting.  Woodward is fully packed with cars of all types and crowds of people gather to view the spectacle.

We enjoyed a precruise party at a local area business this year.  We really enjoyed viewing the great cars rolling by, as well as meeting other automobile enthusiasts.  We rode in on my Triumph Bonneville in case parking was tight, but there were no such problems yet.  In fact, I think I saw more bikes out and about in the cruise traffic than in previous years.  The Dream Cruise really does include a little bit of everything (plus a lot of Corvettes, Camaros and Mustangs).

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