Camaro Hoon Incident

My wife went for a ride along in a Camaro drag car on the evening before the official Woodward Dream Cruise.  The hoon in question is her boss and the ride was really just a pair of parking lot burnouts.  The law showed up a couple minutes after the car was parked and angrily threatened to close the parking lot, which was a bit unpleasant, but I guess that is par for the course.  The police HATE burnouts of any kind and are quick to come down on anyone with an overzealous right foot during the cruise.  I can’t say I blame them, shenanigans could easily get out of hand with so many people and cars packed onto Woodward.  Anyway, the car in question appeared to be well prepared and sounded pretty nice. This is what the fuss was about:


Beautiful Detroit

Detroit gets a lot of bad press over a variety of issues, but it is still a beautiful city and a Fun and vibrant place.  This photo was taken during the evening, facing west from the top of the large earthen mound at one end of William G. Milliken State Park.  This is approximately the mid point between the Riverwalk and the Rivertown Warehouse District  You wouldn’t know this is a troubled city by watching the throngs of happy people enjoying these parks, or the groups visiting the bars of Rivertown.  Speaking of bars, I highly recommend a visit to Atwater Brewery if you are in this area.  I’ve honestly never been a fan of their bottled beer when I’ve purchased it from stores, but it seems better at the source.  The venue is fairly unusual as the bar is literally at one end if their warehouse, complete with huge vats, a forklift and pallets of cased beer.  If you haven’t been to Detroit in a while, you should visit.  The city core is not huge so it’s a great place to explore on foot or bicycle.  Plus, we all need to visit the amazing Detroit Institute of Arts now, in case something unforgivable occurs during the bankruptcy reorganization.

Detroit skyline