Vinsetta Garage

My buddy and I went to a motorcycle show on Saturday and needed a bite and a brew afterword.  It is always a challenge to decide where to go, so we decided to try something new and stop at the Vinsetta Garage on Woodward.  This place is a pretty cool concept.  It was literally a garage not that long ago and maintains some of that oldschool industrial look inside.  This place is apparently very popular with a diverse crowd because we saw lots of different types of folks come and go during the loooooong wait.  They were telling people the wait for a table was two hours and they weren’t joking.  I think part of the problem was that they were allowing everyone to “wait at the bar”.  Since we remained in the waiting area, I was perplexed by the fact that a relatively small building seemed to swallow an endless string of people to wait at a bar I could not even see from where we were waiting.  When we finally were shown to our table, the answer became obvious.  A thick crowd of people had formed along one end of the building where there was indeed a bar that could occasionally be glimpsed as people jostled for position.  The throng was at least three bodies deep and was blocking several key paths of the servers as they tried to transport food from the kitchen behind the bar to diners siting at tables that were being encroached upon by people “waiting at the bar”.  I felt a great deal of sympathy for our waitress as she struggled to fight through this crowd.  Even after she brought my friend the wrong beer, nearly forgot mine, and mixed up our sandwiches, I couldn’t blame her with all she had to contend with.  She was resigned to the fact that the place was over crowded, but we jokingly suggested her job could become easier if someone called the fire marshal.  (the place was clearly over the posted 172 person capacity)

Despite all of that, I will likely visit again.  The beer list is more than adequate and the menu is interesting.  I ordered a Lamburger and it was served on a thick pretzel style roll and was topped with Feta, pickled beet and tzatziki sauce.  It proved to be quite tasty.  They also have a pizza oven and were producing prodigious amount of 12 inch pizzas that smelled wonderful.  My wife ordered a Margherita that did not disappoint.

I’ll just try to avoid peak times on Friday or Saturday night when I return.  A cool venue and good food can be had without the two hour wait.

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