Frittata serves the best breakfast in metro Detroit.  It isn’t cheap though.  A special, like the eggs benedict on langoustine cakes pictured below, can be as pricey as $17.  The standard menu is very good, but the specials are always different and delicious.  The menu features several different frittatas, but I rarely order one.  The “Mushrooms on Toast”  and the scrambled eggs are great choices.  They do eggs right here, and my usual favorite are the eggs benedict.  One of the specials is usually some variation of this breakfast classic and it is often special indeed.  I’ve had them on crab cakes, salmon, potato latke, and even a duck wellington.  I am never disappointed.

The restaurant itself is tiny.  If you  arrive at peak times, be prepared to wait a little bit.  During the summer months, there is a delightful garden patio that nearly doubles the available seating.  I’ve found that arriving at around 9:30 is a good bet as it is not yet full and the chef has usually finished the list of specials (arrive too early and there may not be any specials yet).

Eggs Benedict on Langoustine cakes in the foreground, Salmon hash in the background.


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