Ferndale is really popping with restaurants lately, and one of my favorite newer places is Imperial.  It’s on the northbound side of Woodward just north of 9 Mile.  It’s an exceedingly simple bar with self seating and a patio area in the back.  They have no beer taps, but have a good selection of beer in bottles and cans, including an array of Mexican brews (Tecate, Modelo, Dos XX, etc.).  They have a small list of signature margaritas and tequila drinks as well.  My favorite is the “Ring of Fire”, which is habanero infused tequila and grapefruit.  It is delicious and may also be the spiciest thing on the menu.  The food menu is simple as well, a selection of “street” style tacos and other sundry Mexican type fare.  They also have a torta and a hot dog on the menu that sound good but I have yet to try them.  The tacos are great.  I especially like the Al Pastor, which is a mildly spicy BBQesque pork topped with pineapple chunks and thinly sliced jalapeno.  They are all good though, and cost a reasonable $2.50 each.  A notable side is the “elote especial”, which is grilled corn on the cob dipped in some kind of lime sauce and rolled in a Parmesan like Mexican cheese and spices.  The chips, salsa and guacamole are very good as well.  The only two drawbacks of the place is that it gets loud inside and the tacos are not served super warm.  I can deal with loud voices and the flavors make up for the lukewarm tacos though.  Imperial really shines in comparison to Barrio in Birmingham, which isn’t even as good and is outrageously overpriced.  This is my go-to place for tacos now.

Imperial Tacos

Tacos counter clockwise from front: 2 Al Pastor, 2 Chicken Tinga, 1 Carne Asada peeking out from behind the Elote Especial (grilled corn on the cob)

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