Bell’s Eccentric Cafe

I stopped in at Bell’s Eccentric Cafe last weekend for a quick bite.  For those who don’t know, this is the little bar/restaurant at the Bell’s Brewery site in downtown Kalamazoo.  I haven’t been there for something like ten years, and I was surprised by how much it had changed, yet stayed the same.  They now have a nice entry way and an outdoor patio.  The decor is nice as well.  The main space is still the same single larger room with an upper balcony on one end.  The cafe is still hyper casual, much the same as I remembered.  There is no table service, all drink and food orders are made at the bar.  Patrons are on their own to find seating.  If you do order food, they give you a pager that will summon you to a small window at the back when your food is ready.  Although there were many patrons cycling through on a Saturday afternoon, ordering and finding a table was not difficult.  I recalled a lack of seating on my previous visit, so this was a relief.  I ordered a quesadilla appetizer and a bowl of soup.  All was quite good.  The quesadilla contained sweet potato and was served with Sriracha sour cream, which was an interesting and tasty twist.

Bell’s beer has a pretty wide distribution in the region, but I think it tastes even better at the source.   They have about a dozen beer styles on tap, and were serving a Mead as well.  They were pouring a French Farmhouse Blonde Ale that was quite refreshing the day I visited.  The beer pictured is The Oracle, a double IPA.Bell's Brewery, The Oracle



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