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My friends and I went to Arts, Beats & Eats on Saturday night and had a swell time.  Admission is a steal at five bucks (three if you enter before 5pm) since some of the music offerings are fantastic.  One of the first bands we stumbled upon were The Marvins who were performing a delightfully funky acoustic set.  We watched them until they wrapped up and then sampled the “wine slushee” at a nearby tent.  Food and beverages were very expensive for the most part, but there were some tasty options.

The highlight of the night came at the end.  The Dirty Americans were playing on the stage near the exit and they ROCK.  Seriously, these guys were playing the metal as Jack Black would say.  Very hard hitting guitar and drums.  I liked it.  They were making fun of REO Speedwagon (who were playing the main stage down the street) a bit between songs, which was good for a laugh out of this guy. I was a bit disappointed with the crowd though. The people were much too sedate, there was no danger of a mosh pit forming that night. The worlds worst video of the band is embedded below.

DEEtroit… sonofabitch

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