A New Direction

Time marches on and interests drift in new directions.  This has always been my personal blog, but my posts have historically followed certain themes and I think I need to change the emphasis going forward.  I’m taking a different path forward.  I will still post about cars and motorcycles but I think I am going to be writing more about adventure.  Expect to see more trees, rocks and commentary about epic runs.  (Athletics, not potty humor.)

Brins Mesa

Choose the path to adventure!

Spring is in the air, tempting deals are on Craigslist

With the spring thaw, more than blossoms emerge.  Interesting cars and motorcycles are appearing all over metro Detroit.  They can be seen cruising Woodward, parked in front of the popular pubs, and even on Craigslist.  There are currently three vehicles on Craigslist that I find quite tempting.  Two are Alfa Romeo cars built in the 1980s.  The odds of two Alfas becoming available locally are pretty low, but two that look quite nice and are cheap enough to actually be considered by me is almost inconceivable.  There is also a surprisingly clean and original looking BSA motorcycle that is priced in line with the usual neglected choppers and basket cases.  I’m hoping all these sweet rides sell quickly to remove the temptation.  I probably have better uses for my money and I certainly don’t have the space for more stuff.